Clever capital.
Intelligent ideas.
Positive people.


Minova Insurance is a successful, employee owned insurance holding company. We invest in the development or start-up of quality businesses in the global insurance market, by empowering positive teams to maximise their entrepreneurial potential.

Our diversified business stream has a secure capital base and the resources to invest in independently run insurance businesses.

Our experienced and collaborative management has a proven track record of building sustainable companies and our motivated team have the commitment to the business that comes through ownership.

Our existing insurance businesses, BMS and Pioneer Underwriters, are managed and regulated as wholly separate entities and form the core of our expanding portfolio.

“We are proud of the achievements of our existing companies which give us a strong presence in both the broking and in the underwriting arenas. Minova Insurance has an extremely talented management team, with a proven track record in building businesses. We will continue to invest in people who share our passion for insurance whether through distribution or underwriting”

Dane Douetil
Group Chief Executive Officer

About us

Minova Insurance is an ambitious and flexible insurance holding company that is positioned to expand its interests in the global Insurance market.

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Our existing insurance businesses, BMS Group and Pioneer Underwriters, will form the core of an expanding portfolio of insurance brands.

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Announcing the launch of Minova Insurance and completion of the Capital Z investment

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