About us


Minova Insurance is the holding company that owns BMS and Pioneer Underwriters.

We are an ambitious and flexible holding company, owned by our employees, and well positioned to expand our interests in the global insurance market. Our independence and employee ownership structure is highly valued by customers and employees alike. These strengths, coupled with the scale and depth of our capabilities in insurance and reinsurance, underwriting and broking, capital markets and analytics make our customer proposition compelling in an increasingly complex world.

Financially strong and growing

  • Revenue grew 23% to £103m in 2016
  • Underlying EBITDA grew by 26% to £17.4m in 2016

Our brokers and underwriters operate in 9 countries with 25 offices around the world. We employ 490 people and counting.


We are focussed on the growth of independently managed and regulated businesses in the insurance broking and underwriting sectors. We look for high quality teams with an imaginative, innovative and entrepreneurial approach to their business.


We only invest in excellence. We actively look for positive people, with great ideas, that can run independent, growing insurance businesses and understand that their customers will prosper if they are provided with the very best the global insurance market has to offer.

We treat our investments like our employees treat their customers. We foster their entrepreneurialism, help empower them to make the right decisions and maintain a supportive and service oriented framework to encourage their growth.


  • We keep our word and deliver on commitments
  • We hold others to account
  • We act on non-performance


  • We take calculated risks, striking the best possible balance between risk and reward
  • We anticipate and shape the needs of customers
  • We look for business and improvement possibilities and think into the future


  • We work with others to ensure success for all of the Group and seek win-win solutions
  • We help our colleagues to succeed
  • We share knowledge and skills with others


  • We encourage others to think for themselves
  • We provide opportunities and support to help others to develop and shine
  • We have confidence in others


  • We follow things through to completion
  • We are disciplined in the use of our time
  • We prioritise well to focus our efforts and maximise results

About us

Minova Insurance is an ambitious and flexible insurance holding company that is positioned to expand its interests in the global Insurance market.

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Our existing insurance businesses, BMS Group and Pioneer Underwriters, will form the core of an expanding portfolio of insurance brands.

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Announcing the launch of Minova Insurance and completion of the Capital Z investment

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